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·      Megillah Mania contains 48 dynamic illustrated slides of Megillas Esther, including slides with the pasukim that are said aloud on them in hebrew, english, and transliterated english.

·      The respective verses that each slide refers to can be found on the top left corner of each slide, allowing for all participants to follow along throughout the reading.

The slideshow comes in two versions.

1. Manual:
Is a manually operated slideshow to accompany your Megillah reading.

2. Continuous:
The slideshow will play continuously and can be used as entertainment throughout your Purim program.
This show does not include slides with the pasukim that are said aloud on them.
It plays continuously with each slide on screen for approximately 15 seconds.

The manual and continuous versions each cost $85
Both can be purchase for the discounted rate of $100

Be sure to specify the name of your institution so that the show can be customized exclusively for you. The PowerPoint slideshow will then be emailed to you, to be presented on your PC. (Note: this PPT does not work on a Mac)

For more information contact our customer service department via the link on the upper left or @ TheDesignStop@gmail.com

To prevent unlawful sharing of this slideshow, “Made exclusively for ------- of Your Town presentation elsewhere is prohibited” is typed in fine print on the bottom of each slide.

Please remember that sharing  this slideshow is prohibited and a violation of Halacha.

Please email us @ TheDesignStop@gmail.com before placing an order within 24 hours of Megillah Reading to insure your order will be able to be processed.